A Guide So Good, It's Erie

Published online: Jan 03, 2006 News

According to the New York State Canal Corporation, the second edition of the Official New York State Canal System Cruising Guide is now available.

This newly revised edition is filled with new images and updated information on services and amenities along the canal system. Avid canal enthusiasts and boaters will agree that this book is a "must have." 

This 150-plus page publication offers the following new features:

  • A pull-out map of the Hudson River (printed on Tyvek for water-resistance) featuring marinas, services and attractions along the Hudson River;
  • Updated Canal marinas and service listings;
  • New Canal tourism and Canalway Trail information; and
  • Updated Canal bridge clearances.

Cost: $19.95 plus tax and shipping and handling.  Checks, MC/VISA/American Express and Discover all accepted. To order your Official 2nd Edition New York State Canal System Cruising Guide now, call 800-422-1825 to place an order over the phone.