Excerpt: The Boo Boo I Always Knew

January 2006 News Blake Rebouche

...If I could attribute any one super power to my father it is the ability to smell opportunity, and when it came knocking he took it by the horns. Dad initially partnered with a company to manufacture special sewage treatment systems for houseboats, but ultimately he decided that he could produce a better system on his own. His company, Houseboat Outlet Inc., began to manufacture several sewage treatment systems for houseboats and camps, generating much acclaim and success in the houseboat industry. His exploits in promoting the product itself would become legendary.

Where most companies focus on sight and sound to promote their product, Houseboat Outlet was going to use smell and taste. An old Cajun woman once said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Most companies give away pens, caps, and T-shirts; Dad gave away hot sauce, lots of hot sauce. Thinking that people might start getting a little burned out on hot sauce, he started to give away seasoning. The demand became so great for both the hot sauce and the seasoning that Dad decided to start marketing them as additional products: Boo Boo's Burnya' Butt, and Boo Boo's Cajun Shaker respectively. The Boo Boo's Cajun line of products began to grow and now includes seven different hot sauces, Bar-B-Q sauce, steak sauce, hot wing sauce, Cajun pickles, Cajun jalapeno peppers, fish fry, seafood boil, chili mix, red beans & rice, gumbo, etoufee, jambalaya, and even his own cook book. I guess you could say my Dad is in the food business, new and used. He has you covered from the table to the toilet...

For the full article, order your copy of Houseboat Magazine (March 2006). Better yet, subscribe right here at this website.

For more informationon Boo Boo and his business ventures, call 866-237-5428 or log onto houseboatoutlet.com or www.aheadtank.com. For anyone attending the National Houseboat Expo in
Louisville, KY this spring, Boo Boo should be easy to find-just follow your nose to the sweet scent of authentic Cajun cuisine.  If that doesn't work, just look for Booth #142 (Also, take note that you can glean recipes right out of Houseboat magazine.)

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