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Seaworthy by Robert A. Adriance

Published online: Jan 07, 2006 News
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Some say the best way to learn is from our mistakes. Well, that's all fine and good. But, when it comes to boating, learning from your mistakes can come at a hefty price. It seems more reasonable to take note of other people's mistakes and learn how to avoid them. In his new book Seaworthy, Robert A Adriance compiles a 20-year account of accidents, sinkings, fires, groundings, and survival stories in an endeavor to educate captains on what to do and what not to do at sea. In the forward, Tony Gibbs, retired editor of The New Yorker, Yachting, and Islands reflects that, "Though few of us like to admit it, there's something compelling about other people's disasters. Part of the attraction surely comes under the heading `there but for the grace of God.' Part of it is certainly the desire to learn how to avoid similar situations. And part, let's face it, is simply morbid curiosity, the all-too-human emotion that sustains tabloid newspapers and TV `reality' programs."

"Based on material originally published in Seaworthy, a publication that uses actual BoatU.S. marine insurance claims to learn why boating accidents happen and how they could have been avoided." This text is packed with detailed accounts and compelling photography of real disasters coupled with practical advice on preventing them. Adriance is intriguing, entertaining, serious, and at times, even comical in his analysis of every day situations. Seaworthy is a great read for captains, passengers, or anyone interested in the boating world.

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