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Oust your odors with Atmos-Klear

Published online: Jan 20, 2006 News
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A good sanitation setup can go miles in keeping your onboard odor problems at bay. But does having such a system mean you'll never have to worry about a bad smell again? Hardly.

Face it-some things inherently stink and can only be neutralized with immediate hands-on intervention. Fishing tackle, fermenting beer coolers, wet clothes, Uncle Bubba's spilled chew cup. The list of culprits seems endless.

A household potpourri spray may mask the odor for a short while, but it doesn't take long before you begin to associate that pleasant smell with the grotesqueries lurking underneath it.

We've come across an interesting product that seems to be a much better option. It's called Atmos-Klear, made by Twin Star Industries.

This stuff does wonders for just about any odor problem you can think of, from the galley to the holding tank, from the livewell to the cabin and even into the mushy environment of deep storage areas. There are several methods of application, including hand spray, aerosol, mopping solution. It can also be used in humidifiers or even in your washing machine or carpet-cleaning unit.

I first tried this product as an alternative bathroom air freshener. Its effectiveness was subtle, but obvious once I left the room and came back. Since the Atmos-Klear is odorless, you don't get that immediate feedback of pine scents (or whatever odd flavor you once opted for). Leave the room to clear your nasal receptors, however, and you can return to the stink source to smell, well, nothing. (Believe me. After a night of beer and chili, nothing smells pretty darn good.)

This product had a similar neutralizing effect on our onboard diaper barrel. Two shots with the push-button spray and the odor vanished.

I also tried it on some oil-based fish scents. The initial application made a good dent in the smell, but the garlic still found its way to my nostrils. The trick here is to use the spray in conjunction with regular hand soap, which helps to break down the oil base.

In a nutshell, this stuff is great. I have yet to find an odor that it can't neutralize. To top it off, the formula is totally biodegradable, non-toxic and non-staining. For more information, write in Reader Service No. 967 or contact Twin Star toll free at 800-977-4145; Internet:

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