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March 2006 News

If you're into houseboating, you're likely into games too. That can mean everything from board games to water games and a whole slew of organized beach activities. In this year's Houseboat adventure guide, we're going to take a close look at some of the most popular games, but in the mean time, we need some fresh ideas from the Houseboat readership. Come on, people, don't be shy! Send us a description (pictures too, for good measure) of your favorite activities and we will publish them in the guide! Send emails to or write to us via snail mail at 360 B Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

Sponge Relay

We can all appreciate the good old standbys like frisbee, water volleyball and the supersoaker, but you might also consider some relays. The sponge relay, for example, is one for people of all ages and can be played on the beach. It's definitely a good game for a hot day because you're going to get wet. For this one, all you need is a couple of car sponges, four plastic buckets and some water, which hopefully is abundant where you're vacationing. Divide into two groups and form two lines with a bucket of water at the back end of each line. Position the other two (empty) buckets about thirty feet from the front of each line of people. The sponges need to be in the buckets of water at the back of the line. The person at the back of the line picks the sponge up from the bucket and passes it to the front of the line (be sure to keep as much water in the sponge on the way up as you can), and the person at the front of the line will then run to the empty bucket and wring the sponge out. That person will then run to the back of the line and soak the sponge again and pass it forward. When the bucket at the back of the line is empty, check the bucket at the front. The one with the most water in the bucket wins.

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