How Safe Is Your Boat?

Consider a Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check

Published online: Mar 27, 2006 News

How safe is your boat?


With the boating season upon us, we approach the dock, stroll into the cabin, fire up the engine and make a break for the open water! Sound like a good plan? This is not always the best way to begin a safe boating season. Many items need to be checked before making that cruise with family and friends...


When was the last time you checked your fire extinguishers, made sure that your navigation lights were working, that your lines were in good shape or even your life preservers are in proper working order? All of these and more items are checked in the Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check program.


The Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check is offered free of charge to all boaters. It checks the safety features of all vessels. If there is a problem, you are told how to correct it without penalty. When all items are checked and are deemed safe, a safety seal window decal defines your vessel as a safe boat.


Many Vessel Safety Check Stations are held at ramps and harbors. Watch for signs or contact your local Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Coast Guard, Harbor or Marine Dealer for the nearest inspection station or person. For more information, log onto