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Published online: Apr 23, 2006 News
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Most boaters will tell you a good day is a day out on the water.  Unless, of course, they got stranded in a storm because they didn't check the weather report first; almost sank their boat because they forgot to put in the bottom plug; lost their dentures overboard; or dropped an anchor on their foot!  If you're a boater and any of these situations sound familiar, you're not alone, according to an online survey of more than a thousand boaters conducted by the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies. Here are some results:

That Sinking Feeling

More than a quarter of all boaters surveyed (26 percent) admit that, when launching their boat, they've forgotten to put in the bottom plug and their boat started to sink.


Slippery When Wet

Twelve percent of boaters say they've slid into the water because they didn't realize how slippery the launch ramp was. 


Missed it by That Much!

Ten percent of boaters say when backing their trailer onto the ramp, they've backed up too far and caused their tire trailers to fall off the end of the ramp. People with fishing boats were more likely to make this mistake than people with pleasure boats (12 percent versus 9 percent, respectively).


Cast Off Comedy

Ten percent of all boaters surveyed admit they've forgotten to disconnect their boat from its trailer, but people with fishing boats were more likely than pleasure boaters to make this mistake (13 percent versus 8 percent).


Mistakes: Putting Boat Back on Trailer


Let's Get Things Straight

About a third of boaters (31 percent) say when taking their boat out of the water, they've put their boat on its trailer lopsided or missed the trailer completely.


Like Fingernails on a Blackboard

Fourteen percent of boaters admit that, when pulling their boat out of the water, they've left the engine in the down position and dragged it across the ramp.


With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, ouch! One percent of boaters admit they weren't paying attention when driving their trailer out of the water and they ran over someone's foot.






Mistakes: Trailering


Back Off!

Seventeen percent of boaters say they've trailered their boat without first making sure the trailer's lights were working properly.


Connection Disconnect

Pleasure boaters were more likely than people with fishing boats to say they've failed to secure their boat to its trailer before taking off (5 percent versus 3 percent).


You Didn't Need Those Cushions/Towels/Bumpers/Lines/Folding Chairs/Umbrellas/(Insert Your Stuff Here) Anyway, Did You?

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