New Line of Electrical Products Have Style

Published online: Dec 18, 2006 News
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New Line of Electrical Products Have Style

A new line of electrical and voice/data products gives boat owners the style they demand with quality they can trust.  Home Select is the newest innovation from Hubbell Marine, designed to fit nearly any application and with nearly any d├ęcor.

Boaters want the interiors of their craft to reflect their personal taste and style.  That means even the smallest, but necessary, details like switches, plates and receptacles should be given the same consideration as other decorating choices.  Hubbell's new switches still provide on/off control for lighting and appliances, but are now also available with an illuminated and/or pilot light option.  Gangs with up to three switches are a handy alternative as well.  Plates feature rounded corners and a snap-on version to hide hardware.  Receptacles come standard or in combination with switches and pilot lights.  All models are available in a variety of colors and in both Decorator- or Standard-type styles.

Hubbell's new Home Select line also includes netSelect for voice/data connectivity.  Designed as a flexible system for the multimedia needs of discerning boat owners, netSelect is easy to upgrade to keep up with evolving technology.  From various configurations of structured cabling and audio controls to different combinations of voice/data jacks and connectors, boaters will be able to enjoy their full range of entertainment options onboard.

Hubbell Marine has been providing electrical products for the marine industry for more than 50 years.  The company continues to evolve and grow its product line to work with modern applications and as the need for more onboard electrical power increases.  Hubbell Marine products are available through a network of authorized marine distributors dealers.  Users can visit

Contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 185 Plains Rd. , Milford, CT 06460. Phone: 203-882-4800; Fax: 800-255-1031;

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