Promariner Introduces Prosport Generation II Battery Chargers

Industry Leader's Advanced Waterproof Chargers Offer Unprecedented Feature Set

Published online: Jan 08, 2008 News
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ProMariner, the leader in the design and manufacture of on-board marine charging systems, announced today a new generation of ProSport onboard marine battery chargers, the ProSport Generation 2. Consisting of five distinctly new models, the ProSport Generation 2 battery chargers are the only 100 percent waterproof chargers on the market that allow users to select one of three specific charge profiles. Accomplished via an easy-to-use Optical Digital Battery Type Selector, the ProSport provides high performance charging algorithms for Flooded, GEL, or High Performance AGM batteries, and can be programmed or reprogrammed even when batteries are replaced. The ProSport Generation II's Distributed-On-DemandT multi-stage technology, ensure faster charge times, conditioning and maintenance of all batteries onboard a vessel. The ProSport Generation II employs ProMariner's advanced design and technology for the ultimate charging performance and simplicity, along with an amplifier-style, extruded aluminum housing for superior heat transfer and durability.

Adding advanced features to its already full-featured predecessors, the Generation II chargers offer an expanded LED status center providing at-a-glance status of AC power, charge mode, battery type and ready/maintenance mode. The ProSport's trademarked Distributed-on-Demand technology takes 100 percent of the available charging amps and distributes them to any one battery or combination of all batteries as needed. Featuring enhanced, automatic multi-stage charging, the ProSport systems fully charge batteries while conditioning them using a built-in safe maintenance mode for long or short-term storage, thus greatly extending battery life. A key component of ProMariner's exclusive `Power of three' battery charger line-up, the ProSport Generation II, along with ProMariner's ProMite and ProTournament provide a battery charger for every type of user.  

"Consistent with the ProSport lineage, we have taken the industry's broadest and most popular waterproof charger assortment to the next level in design and performance," said Jerry Demirjian, senior vice president, ProMariner. "With our Generation II models, boaters can now enjoy increased power and faster, flexible charging of all onboard batteries from the most advanced waterproof chargers on the market."

The heavy-duty recreational grade battery chargers have a charge time range from 8 to 10 hours and are designed for 12, 24, and 36 volt systems. The chargers are 100 percent waterproof and shockproof, and boast a compact rugged design. ProMariner chargers feature dual inline DC safety fuses for trolling motor, accessory battery banks, dynamic thermal output control, over voltage, overload, over temperature, reverse polarity and ignition protection. Pre-wired for easy installation, ProSport Generation 2 charger models are constructed to UL 1236 standards, including the marine supplement. ProSport chargers are available in single, dual, and triple bank models, and include a 2-year limited warranty. 

Pricing and Availability:

ProMariner's ProSport Generation 2 models range in price from US $89.99 to US $189.99, and are available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada through ProMariner's extensive dealer and retail network. For more information on the ProSport Generation 2, the location of authorized dealers and retailers, or to learn more about ProMariner and its entire product line, please contact 603-433-4440 or visit

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