Jonathan Paul Eyewear, Trilenium Gold9 blue light filtering lenses ideal for fishermen.

February 2008 News

"Blue light", also known as "high energy visible light", (HEV) is defined as the first light rays the naked, human eye can process. Blue light is the brightest light in violet/blue band of our visual spectrum. What does this mean for wearers of the Trilenium Gold lens? It allows the wearer to filter out the harmful, bright, blue light, enabling their retina to focus more precisely displaying much sharper and clearer images.

Fishermen across the country, especially fly-fishermen, have expressed great interest in these lenses because of their ability to filter out harmful rays of light reflected on the water, helping to ensure a high quality of visibility. The polarization of the lenses coupled with the patented technology allows the wearer to better contrast the fish from the water, a great advantage for even the most skilled fisherman.

NASA and the Space Foundation originally developed this polarized, patented lens technology by studying an eagle's eye. They discovered that eagles produce oil droplets that coat the eye, which enables them to see in extremely bright environments. The droplets were extracted and developed into the Trilenium Gold lens.

"The Trilenuim Gold lens actually lets some blue light in from 380nm to 425nm and 480nm to 580nm," according to NASA studies. "This is so the patient can still see color, while blocking out the harmful, blue light rays."

Jonathan Paul Eyewear constructs high quality fit over sunglasses that are specially designed to fit over prescription eyeglasses. These fit over sunglasses provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection and contain polarized front and side lenses. No other fit over sunglass currently on the market has polarized side lenses, which provides protection from annoying glares that can enter from the side of the frame. These unique features enable a fisherman to concentrate on what's important, the fishing.

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