New Heat Sensor Helps Stop Onboard Fires

Published online: Feb 21, 2008 News
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 Where there's intense heat aboard, there's going to be a fire.  Sea-Fire Marine, a leader in fire suppression technology, works hard not only to find the latest ways to put out fires, but also prevent them.  An innovative, early warning system, their new Heat Sensor with display alerts boat owners to dangerously high engine room temperatures.

The economical Heat Sensor system is intended for engine rooms in any sized craft up to large yachts.  The sensors are available in two versions.  An open model is designed to be mounted on the extinguishing system cylinder and is set at 151°F which is 55°F lower than the discharge temperature.  The other style sensor features an enclosed casing for installation throughout the engine room compartment.  It activates at 140°F. 

These sensors indicate threatening temps and give owners a chance to stop impending fires.  Simple to install, multiple sensors can be fit in an engine room, depending on desired sensitivity.  The system is compatible with the full range of Sea-Fire ESRS units, allowing for shutdown override control and cylinder discharge notification.


A rectangular or round mounted display panel with a separate high temperature zone supplies both a visual and audible alarm of threatening amounts of engine room heat.  Measuring just 3-1/3" x 2-6/7" x 5/9", the unique display features a weatherproof design and LED dim function for night navigation.


Suggested retail price of the Heat Sensor warning system display from Sea-Fire Marine is $149.  Heat sensors cost $108 each.


Contact Sea-Fire Marine, 9331-A Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD  21237.  800-445-7680.

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