Smart Safety Tips For National Safe Boating Week

May 2008 News

With warmer weather arriving, the call to head outdoors can't be far behind. Boating, camping and RV recreation, fishing, canoeing and numerous other outdoor sports enjoy a popular resurgence each summer. Unfortunately, so do accidental injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. That's why having the proper gear on hand to reduce the threat of injury is so important, say safety experts from First Alert and Lehigh:

Pack a first aid kit. Include bug spray, sunscreen, antiseptics for cuts and scrapes, a snakebite kit and pain relievers along with other emergency supplies.

Learn CPR and how to treat serious injuries. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic first aid skills are essential, especially if you find yourself in an isolated area. CPR skills can help prevent choking hazards and resuscitate victims after a swimming accident. Know how to deal with breaks, sprains, head and neck injuries.

Safely secure outdoor recreational and camping gear.
A tie-down that absorbs shocks and holds items firmly in place is best. A new stretch cord called Cordzilla from Lehigh features a bungee encased in a flexible polypropylene rope for added strength to help keep items safe and secure.

Keep campfires low and away from brush, trees, cars, tents and other potential hazards.
One stray spark from a campfire is all it takes to ignite nearby brush or potentially toxic materials.

Keep a fire extinguishing spray nearby and never leave fires unattended. Make sure family members know where fire extinguishers are located and how to use them. First Alert offers a portable and effective new fire extinguishing spray, Tundra, designed for easy, one-hand use. No pins to pull or hoses to maneuver, and Tundra cleans up with a damp cloth, so it's environmentally friendly.

Watch the weather. Keep a portable radio on hand to stay on top of current weather forecasts. Inclement weather can arrive with little warning, so stay in the know and be prepared to move to a nearby shelter.

The summer fun is about to begin, with more than 59 million Americans planning to take to the water this season, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. In addition, one-third of Americans place themselves among the camping public based on a recent Travel Industry Association survey.



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