Ten Ways to Celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week June 1-8

Published online: Jun 01, 2008 News
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With National Fishing and Boating Week upon us June 1 - 8, here's a list from BoatU.S. of ten ways to celebrate the week and inspire families and friends to head out for some fun fishing and safe boating:

1. Get "Hooked" Online: Need a little help finding fish? Do you want to attend a nearby tournament or go charter fishing? Localized fishing reports, charter and tournament information can all be found at http://www.BoatUS.com/angler

2. Take a friend who has never been boating out for the afternoon: After you get back to the dock, send your friends to http://www.discoverboating.comor http://www.discoversailing.comwhere they can get a free DVD to get them started in powerboating or sailing. You can also find a "Spousal Conversion Kit" at discoverboating.com that offers a step-by-step, seven-day plan with video testimonials that could help convince your husband or wife that boating is for your family.

3. Go fishing for free: In honor of this special week, many states offer one or more days where you won't need a license to go fishing. Go to
http://www.takemefishing.org/assets/downloads/freefishingdays.pdffor a list of dates.

4. Brush up on your fishing skills: From learning about fishing tactics, equipment and safety, to advice and stories from pro anglers,
http://www.BoatUSAngler.comhas all the right info to keep beginners or experienced anglers at their peak. Click on "Angler How-To's."

5. Go window shopping: Dream big and sign up for your free online copy of weekly boat classifieds at
http://www.boatus.com/classifiedadsThere are four separate weekly Classified Ad E-Newsletters, each for powerboats, trailerable boats, fishing boats and sailboats.

6. Take the "Anglers' Legacy" Pledge: The Pledge is all about ensuring the growth of recreational fishing and boating. Visit Anglers' Legacy on
http://www.takemefishing.org/community/anglers-legacy/homefor more information.

7. Make a fishing trip memorable for a child: Take a photo of your child's catch and send it to the BoatU.S. Angler Catch of the Month Photo Contest at
http://www.BoatUSAngler.com/catch_ofthe_month_contest.aspPhotos will be displayed on the association's Web site, BoatUSAngler.com, and will also be entered into a monthly prize drawing.

8. Borrow a kid's life jacket for free: If you're not used to having kids aboard you may not have the right size life jacket. But the BoatU.S. Foundation's free Kids Life Jacket Loaner program offers free child and youth life jackets for the day, afternoon or weekend at over 350 waterfront sites across the US. Go to
http://www.BoatUS.com/foundation/LJLPfor locations.

9. Teach your kids about catch and release fishing and how to measure a fish: Go to
http://www.BoatUSAngler.com/fishing_basics.aspto show your kids how to safely return fish to the water and grow healthy fishing stocks by practicing catch and release.

10. Attend one of hundreds of fishing, boating or aquatic stewardship events: Many events happen throughout the year and provide opportunities for families and friends to share quality time together while learning about two of our nation's favorite pastimes - recreational boating and fishing. To find one near you, go to

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