Old Island Harbor Marina Goes Green As It Pledges To Obtain

A Clean Marina/Clean Boatyard Designation

Published online: Jul 11, 2008 News
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 Old Island Harbor, a proposed mixed-use development that emphasizes waterfront revitalization at Safe Harbor, has submitted its pledge to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to obtain a Clean Marina/Clean Boatyard designation. The goal of the DEP's Clean Marina program is to promote pollution prevention through voluntary participation. 


With approximately 2,000 marinas operating throughout Florida, the DEP feels that pollution prevention measures must be implemented in order to preserve the state's coastal environment. Clean water is essential to Florida coastlines and for the well-being of its environment and surrounding communities. 


The Florida Clean Marina program is designed to introduce boatyards and marinas to simple, innovative, day-to-day solutions to prevent pollution.  The DEP's Marina Environmental Measures details a series of requirements that marinas and boatyards must meet in order to achieve the important designation. These include: 


Make available a resource person at the boatyard to provide customers with environmental information, and who can be contacted for inquires about the Clean Marina Program and environmental issues pertinent to the boatyard.

Make available adequate and well-managed trash/garbage containers.

Post for viewing, or otherwise publish, a set of environmental policies used by the boatyard.

The boatyard's water and land must be clean and free of oil, sewage or litter.

Docks and grounds must be well maintained for safety and appearance.

All boatyard personnel must be regularly trained on the boatyard's environmental policies and procedures.


Old Island Harbor Marina has pledged to meet these requirements and expects to obtain its designation within the near future.


"Old Island Harbor Marina wants to go above and beyond the requirements to obtain its Clean Marina/Clean Boatyard certificate.  We have the infrastructure in place and we are moving forward and committing to meeting the Florida Department of Environmental Protection requirements in order to obtain our designation," said Alan Dubroff, Boat Yard Manager for Old Island Harbor Marina.

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