High-Style Houseboats

June 2010 News www.apartmenttherapy.com

There's something that seems a little renegade-ish about living on a houseboat. No property taxes, a lawn of water, and a tiny living space aren't typical selling points for a home, but living on the water definitely has a romantic and economic appeal.

An average houseboat looks sort of like a floating RV, but several companies and people have proven that houseboats needn't lack style and personality.

If you like the modern look, prefab company MetroShip makes a simple and beautifulhouseboat yacht. Or, if you prefer a more custom look, check out this floating house tour and its stylish flea market decor.

For plant lovers, this tour is an inspiring example of a floating garden. And last, but not least, this Copenhagen boat is surprisingly spacious. For a deeper look into each space, click through the links below.


  1. MetroShip Prefab Modern Houseboats
  2. Mia's Floating Oasis
  3. Mia's Floating Oasis
  4. Maria Finn's Houseboat Garden
  5. Julie and Soeren's Life on the Water
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