Partially submerged houseboat determined to be abandoned

June 2010 News - Photography by: Eric Clajus and D

WARSAW, Ky. - After some anxious moments early Friday morning in Gallatin County, an overturned, partially-submerged houseboat on the Ohio River turned out to be abandoned.

The first calls about a floating, partially-submerged houseboat went out between around 2:30 a.m., bringing out the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office and Warsaw police.

They called the Boone County Water Rescue unit, the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resource Department and the U.S. Coast Guard to help find any people who may have been inside or around the partially submerged 20 to 25 foot-long houseboat.

It was only later, when they got close enough to see the boat, that they determined it was abandoned, apparently looking like it had been in the water for some time. The search for people was called off around 5 a.m.

The Coast Guard and Gallatin County Dispatch says it's possible the houseboat may have been moored somewhere upstream, broke from its moorings and started floating downstream towards the Belterra Casino and the Markland Dam.


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