Fugawi announces Pathaway software compatibility

Published online: Aug 20, 2010 News
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TORONTO, Canada - Software manufacturer Northport Systems Inc. announced today that its popular Fugawi X-Traverse (www.X-Traverse.com) online topo map collection is now supported by MuskokaTech's PathAway GPS Software for Windowsr Mobile and Nokia/Symbian operating systems. Fugawi X-Traverse provides boaters and outdoor enthusiasts access to an extensive collection of cartography for fast, high-detail chart viewing on the go.

For only $10 per year,
PathAway users who subscribe to X-Traverse can transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between PathAway and their X-Traverse account or other compatible devices; and upload and share user data with Facebook.

With a subscription to X-Traverse, PathAway users can access topographic maps of Canada,
the United States, Sweden and Germany -- with additional maps coming soon. X-Traverse maps are downloaded through the SmartPhone's internet connection and saved locally on the phone for use when outside mobile phone service areas or without WiFi internet coverage.

For added convenience, users can plot waypoints in compatible PC software such as Fugawi Global Navigator and transfer them via the X-Traverse service to their mobile phone. In addition to offering charts for PathAway and Fugawi Global Navigator, the extensive X-Traverse chart collection is also compatible with Fugawi Marine ENC and Geonav MapMapster for PC, MacENCr and GPSNavX for OS X; and the iNavXT App for the AppleT iPhoneT, iPod touchT and iPadT.

"We are very pleased to add MuskokaTech's software to our growing X-Traverse-compatible product family," says Robin Martel, President of Northport Systems. "With X-Traverse support integrated into the PathAway products, we can now offer feature-rich mapping to a larger group of mobile phone users than ever before."

Support for Fugawi X-Traverse is now included in both the Standard and Professional Editions
of PathAway GPS 5 for Windows Mobile, and in the Express Edition of PathAway GPS 5 for
Nokia/Symbian Smartphones. A 12-month X-Traverse data subscription is available for US $10.00. Most X-Traverse map regions include a choice of two activations for use with any combination of compatible PC, Mac or mobile platforms. Individual map subscription prices vary by region. For more information on Fugawi X-Traverse compatibility with PathAway Software, or to learn more about Northport Systems and its entire product line, please contact (416) 920- 9300, or visit www.fugawi.comor www.x-traverse.com. Complete information on PathAway Software can be found at PathAway.com.

About Fugawi X-Traverse:
Fugawi X-Traverse (
www.x-traverse.com) is designed for marine and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy flexible charting and planning. The innovative application enables users of PC, Mac and mobile software to download charts and exchange data. X-Traverse provides seamless waypoint transfer between an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and a PC or Mac, and allows users to safely save, retrieve and move data without cabling between a desktop and a mobile device. X-Traverse also facilitates the direct download of maps and charts to a variety of desktop and mobile application. A regularly updated list of supported maps and charts, compatible applications and supported handsets can be accessed on the X-Traverse website.

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