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August 2010 Feature Karlee Jo Dahl

Many boaters know how terrible it is to have a stinky boat. After the end of an extended weekend on the boat, everyone is ready to dump the waste and get rid of the smell. But houseboaters don't have to deal with the stink. There are some great products that get that smell out of the holding tank of your boat and will keep it out. Along with holding tank products, there is a new composting head that is odor-free as well. For the other areas of your boat besides that, there are cleaning products that are organic and easy on the environment and will make keeping your boat clean a happy and stink-free experience.

Nature's Head

Nature's Head has designed a marine specific composting toilet. The head is a compact, easily installed, odor-free toilet that features urine diverting technology. An approved MSD, the composting head eliminates the need for a holding tank and pump-outs. The head gets rid of waste with two gallons of peat moss in the base that serves as the composting matter. No plumbing needed, this toilet is self-contained and waterless. Since it is waterless, the head has extraordinary holding capacity. It can accommodate a month's worth of boating for a couple, or a whole season of weekend trips without the need of dumping.

Nature's Head designers have many years of boating experience and they used earlier versions of composting toilets on their boats. The concept was refined and reworked to form this head and to provide boaters with a better product. This product is more aesthetically pleasing, more space-efficient and a more affordable alternative to other models.

This composting toilet is constructed of polyethylene using a rotational mold process. All fittings and movable parts are made of marine-grade stainless steel. Installation is easy with simply mounting brackets to the floor; vent the unit to outside and hook to a 12-volt power source. A five-foot vent hose, power plug, vent-to-wall adaptor and bottle cap are included with the head so don't worry about buying additional appliances.

Other optional accessories include a 110-volt to 12-volt wall transformer, a mushroom vent or a clamshell vent. This toilet doesn't stop at just boats. Install it in campers, RV's, cabins, and over-the-road trucks and make them just as odorless as the boat can be with Nature's Head. For more information, log on to or call 252-617-2505.


Odorlos From Yara

Odorlos from Yara North America can kick those bad odors out the door with its line of products. The cause of the unpleasant smell in holding tanks is a toxic gas called hydrogen sulfide and this gas can eventually be harmful. Hydrogen sulfide can turn into sulfuric acid over time and break down steel and concrete. It not only becomes uncomfortable, but necessary to provide some odor control.

Luckily, there's a way to remove those odors in an environmentally sound way. Odorlos holding tank treatment eliminates all odors while breaking down waste and tissue. It also lubricates the valves, contains no formaldehyde and is 100 percent biodegradable. Four ounces of Odorlos can handle 40 gallons of waste. This product is all?natural and won't harm the boat's tanks.

Odorlos offers effective odor control by simply feeding the bacteria in the waste with a preferred energy source. This keeps the holding tanks free of odors while speeding up the breakdown process of the waste.

You have a choice between handy individual treatments to economical measuring containers in industrial sizes for houseboats. The 40-ounce measuring bottle allows for eight additional ounces of holding tank treatment product than any other holding tank treatment packaged in a measuring bottle on the market today.  An easy-to-read printed area on the measuring cup attached to the bottle shows the exact amount to put into the 20- or 40-gallon holding tank.

Spilling a holding tank treatment product usually means replacing your houseboat's floor. But Odorlos' stain free liquid or non-colored dry granules will not leave marks. Never worry about those blue stains again. For additional information or to place an order please visit their web site at or call 800-869-8764.  



ProPack Contract Packaging, the manufacturer of Kronen Premium Holding Tank Treatments has the ultimate nature safe way to treat black and grey water tanks. The product is the result of a growing concern for dumping stations and water treatment facilities who are dealing with harsh chemicals.

Kronen boost nature's own mechanism by using a potent combination of naturally occurring microorganisms that are specifically designed to break down and liquefy organic materials for easy transfer. Except for a subtle herbal fragrance, all you're left with is a completely odorless liquid. For more information visit


BacTank T3

BacTank uses the essence of nature to produce all natural probiotic products for marine holding tanks and onboard use. These products are environmentally correct, biodegradable and are designed to help protect lakes, streams and waterways.

BacTank T3 protects the boater's investment by eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals in the holding tank. BacTank T3 contains no harsh chemicals or carcinogenic formaldehyde-based additives and is safe to use in any type of holding tank system.

This preserves the boat's tanks and lines.

Ordinarily, waste odors permeate tank lines, causing the odors to escape into the boat, but BacTank's bacteria coats tanks and lines, preventing odor permeation in clean lines and cleansing any lines that might already be permeated. Tanks and lines treated with BacTank T3 require less pump-outs.

BacTank's Holding Tank product is a liquid bioenzymatic product and starts working immediately to stop odor, clean lines, break down solid waste and toilet paper into a liquid. This product naturally degrades holding tank waste resulting in an end product of water and carbon dioxide which is harmless to the environment. This process is the true definition of biodegradable.

The Safe Scrub product is specifically designed to clean tough stains such as greasy dirt and mildew stains on hard surfaces. It is an exceptional cleaner for bathrooms, toilet bowls, sinks and fixtures. The non-scouring silicone abrasive gives your appliances a longer lifetime because it gently and thoroughly cleans your hard surfaces.

Organic Carpet Fabric Care from BacTank T3 is great with pet and human accidents. It is a formulation which combines selective surfactants and fragrances for complete organic removal in a single cleaning. This product will remove the tough stains, smells and organics trapped in the carpet that other cleaners tend leave behind. Organic carpet and fabric care works in an extraction machine or as a spray.

The Yellow Stuff is a general purpose degreaser with no harsh chemicals. The yellow stuff can clean anything you throw at it including fiberglass boats, water lines, engines, floors, kitchen areas and barbecue grills to name just few. For more information, log onto or call 770-469-8316.


Healthy Boaters

Just over a year old, Healthy Boaters is on the market and ready to shock houseboaters with this holding tank powder. Healthy Boater doesn't mask the odors of your holding tank, it completely eliminates them. There are nine trace elements and two heavy elements that make up a highly concentrated blend of minerals and micronutrients in these products. Basically, it is the good bacteria overtaking bad bacteria to eliminate odor and accelerate the natural decomposition of the waste. This holding tank product has the ability to work longer and stay working in over 100-degree temperatures.

Healthy Boaters' highly concentrated mineral blend in an anhydrous form. They work basically the same as a bioactive treatment. It is synergist formulated to eliminate odor and accelerate decomposition. Activated when mixed with water, they keep on working so you don't have to add more before dumping.

Because this product is totally organic and odor-free, the holding tanks' embarrassing odors will be eliminated inside the boat and when the holding tank is dumped. One ounce of Healthy Boaters will treat a 30 gallon holding tank. This makes your cost per treatment only about 50 cents and is 100 percent guaranteed to eliminate your holding tank's odors. For more information on Healthy Boaters, call 831-462-6135 or log on to

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