Oshkosh houseboat captain headed for the Mississippi

October 2010 News Chris Hrapsky - www.wbay.com

Jeff Jacobs has run into issues with the city ever since the ice of the Fox River trapped his houseboat last winter. But Jacobs is finally fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Six weeks ago, Jacobs, 54, was stuck between a dock and a hard place.

"I feel my circumstances are a little different than what they are used to dealing with," he told us in an interview September 3rd.

When we caught up with him then, his houseboat motor was damaged. The City of Oshkosh threatened to fine him if he didn't move, and his dream to travel the Mississippi River seemed to be a longshot.

But today Jacob's boat is out of the water, being prepped for his long-anticipated voyage.

"I came down here to ask Skipper Buds if they could pick up my boat, and they said they could," Jacobs told us Friday.

Jacobs says that someone in the area saw our report. They called their friend who owns a similar Whitcraft houseboat on the Mississippi River. That friend contacted Jacobs and offered him a ride to the Mississippi.

With the boat out, Jacobs has been able to repair the prop's lower end and give the hull a new, protective paint job.

As for the City of Oshkosh, which threatened to ticket Jacobs if he remained at a public dock, Jacobs says, "No hard feelings."

"They had to do what they needed to do. But I had to do what I needed to do, too, which was keep my boat, which I have done."

Jacobs says he's starting to lose his sea legs but he plans to get them back soon. The boat could be towed to Iowa as soon as this weekend.

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