River raiders move on from rowers to target houseboats

November 2010 News Raymond Brown - www.cambridge-news.co.uk
River raiders have struck at houseboats moored in Cambridge - leaving residents feeling "under siege".

A warning has been issued to boaters after the break-ins, which come after a spate of thefts from rowing clubs on the River Cam.

Boaters are now feeling "vulnerable" after the thieves stole two Honda generators worth more than £700 each.

Camboaters, an organisation for river boat residents, has issued a warning after two houseboats moored next to Jesus Green swimming pool were raided over the weekend.

Frank Clarke, who is known as `The Bike Doctor' and whose houseboat is moored next to the lido, said: "A few neighbours have been targeted. It does make you feel more vulnerable. I keep getting stuff stolen out of the panniers of the bike I use to go out on repairs.

"At times like this you do feel under siege. All you can do is batten down the hatches and hope you don't become a target. We do have a special police number to call and a dedicated officer who keeps an eye on things. But when you have a lot of your stuff out on show, as it were, you will be targeted, I suppose."

Thieves took two portable generators and a laptop. The thefts happened between 5pm and 6pm on Monday.

Earlier, a warning was issued after rowers were hit by a £4,000 theft.

Cambridge University women rowers were targeted by thieves who stole vital kit.

Other rowers were put on alert after the combined boathouse in Logan's Way was raided for the second time in three months.

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