When Do You Replace A Rubber Impeller?

Published in the February 2011 Issue Published online: Feb 28, 2011 Ask The Expert
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Changing an impeller on an outboard marine engine is a common practice for do-it-yourself boat owners. With the simple steps below, houseboaters of any level can learn how to inspect their impeller and know when it's time for a replacement. Making sure an impeller is in good condition can help prevent bigger engine problems down the line.

First, owners must drain water from the pump and pull the impeller out. Directions and location of where the impeller is and how to remove it can be found in an engine's owner manual.

Then, the impeller should be tested for flexibility by pulling the rubber blades in the opposite direction it normally spins. Each blade should go back to its normal position on its own. If it cracks, there are visible cracks already present or its blades don't go back into position, the impeller must be replaced.

If the impeller is still in good condition, it can be put back into the pump. To even out wear, owners should re-install the part in the reverse direction it was previously moving.

If an impeller won't be used for six months to a year, it's a good tip to simply keep it in the box until it's ready for use. When a pump has been left to dry, an impeller's blades can stick to the housing and ripped off when an engine is suddenly started, leading to irreparable damage.

Houseboaters should also have a spare impeller handy, for emergencies and convenience.

JMP offers flexible impellers for many name-brand engine and gen-set manufacturers, with custom impellers also available Since 1976, JMP Corporation has developed proven impeller pumps and top quality flexible rubber impellers, as well as spare parts for some name-brand companies.

For more information call 305-909-0009 or visit www.jmpusa.com.

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