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March 2011 Feature Brady L. Kay

Call it unity, call it tradition or simply call it a coincidence that marina members like to show up wearing the same shirt to the Expo each year. Whatever it is, we're looking for the marina that brought the most fellow dock mates to our National Houseboat Expo and sign up sheets will once again be at the Houseboat magazine booth. Stop by and make sure you're name is on the list.

On Saturday afternoon, March 19, we'll award the coveted Proud Crowd trophy at the booth as well as take group photos of all the marinas that entered. So even if your marina doesn't win out Proud Crowd trophy, we still want to take your marina group photo following the presentation.

If you're not in the running for the marina award, but you're looking for some recognition, stop by our booth as well. The 2011 Dan McKain Spirit Award will go to the individual, couple or group that reflects the true houseboating spirit while at our show so don't be afraid to show off that enthusiasm and houseboating spirit! 

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