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5 things you should know about working at State Dock

Published in the May 2011 Issue Published online: May 07, 2011 Ask The Expert
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As Dock Master I help operate over 60 rental houseboats. We drive in houseboat rentals that are returning from their trip. We have nine 100-foot fuel piers, so after driving the customers in we refuel, water and check over the rental as they are unloading. Then we move the boats over to the rental dock to be cleaned by our housekeeping staff. Once they are finished and inspected the boats are released to be given to the next renters. They load up and we give them a captain's lesson to show them how to operate the boat and then we drive them away from the dock. This happens four days a week, up to 30 boats a day.


In addition to the rental business, we have a regular marina to run with over 500 boats moored. It's all about service. We try to treat everyone like they are special and we offer valet service, pick up their trash and treat their boat like it is ours when they come to the fuel pier.


Everyday there is something new. That is what makes this job fun. We have lots of events like the Poker Run and On Water Houseboat Expo. It can be a logistical nightmare but we love watching everyone have fun.


I believe I've worked for Bill Jasper for eight years now. He took over this place with around 80 slips to rent and very few were full. Now I think we have around 500 slips and 98 percent are full. We never stop improving at State Dock. Every year we are trying to make something better.


By far the best part of my job is being outside and around a lot of happy people going on vacation.

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