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Lakeview's Carrender passes away

Published in the May 2011 Issue Published online: May 07, 2011 Ask The Expert
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The legacy that Bruce Carrender leaves behind goes beyond his love of houseboating. On March 21, Carrender, age 63, passed away at the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Somerset, Ky.

Although involved in many different business and investments over his lifetime, he'll arguably be best remembered for helping establish the houseboat industry in his home state of Kentucky with his role as one of the original founders of Stardust Cruisers in 1983. Born and raised in Monticello, Ky., Carrender owned Monticello Yachts and Leisure Time Houseboats before founding Lakeview Yachts in 1989. For more than two decades he operated Lakeview and will always be remembered for his dedicated work ethic and his desire to help others.

He is survived by his wife Shirley and their four daughters; Lisa Perkins, Sheila Hicks, Robin Lewis and Tiffany Patrick, as well as eight grandchildren.

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