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5 Things You Should Know About Tying One On

Published in the September 2011 Issue Published online: Sep 03, 2011 Industry by Terry McMains of Top-Knot [as told by Brandon B
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Top Knot was founded in 1994 out of the desire to service boating enthusiasts.

Our biggest challenge is the business climate in general. Actually, we are quite blessed at Top Knot; we have a loyal clientele base. Because we produce a high-quality product, "word of mouth" travels. We make sure every customer is satisfied with our products, our service and our prices.

Start by under-promising and over-delivering to your customer. If you don't have your word, then you really shouldn't be in business. Integrity and service are the key fundamentals. We have been providing service and products to consumers for over 30 years, and those are the keys that Top- Knot lives by.

You can find Top-Knot ropes for a swing in a tree, as colored lines for racing lanes in a swimming pool, to tug of war ropes, to dock lines for a 450-foot boat, to floating tow lines for the Columbian government to fight the drug traffic and that was just in the last couple of months!

Without sounding egotistic, we are our role models. We work everyday to build a reputation. How else could we claim to be, "The premier manufacturer of floating lines products." We do not spend our time looking to see what other people are doing. We spend our time doing what we do best: providing unsurpassed service to our customers.

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