Heading To B-Dock

A party planner's dream

Published in the September 2011 Issue Published online: Sep 03, 2011 Marina Reader submission by Craig Oaks
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Tucked away in the rolling hills of Kentucky, you will find B-Dock located at Lee's Ford Marina on beautiful Lake Cumberland. B-Dock is nestled perfectly between two larger houseboat docks and the marina ship store. More important than the location of B-Dock is its personality that is influenced by its size and its people.

In comparison to other houseboat docks, B-Dock is small. With only 30 slips on the dock, the atmosphere is like that of a neighborhood cul-de-sac where everyone knows everyone and is always willing to lend a hand. By its very nature, this small community encourages great friendships which lead to great social activities.

Since Lee's Ford has their ship store open year round and running water available during the winter, the festivities on B-Dock are also year round. Every January we have a progressive dinner that has had as many as 24 participants going boat to boat in the snow for soup, salad, appetizers, a main course and dessert. There is a Derby Party in May, a periodic Lobster Fest and Chicken Wing Fest during the summer, Chili Cook-off and Halloween events in October and Thanksgiving leftover and football party events to help get us through the winter.

Whether at the dock or in a cove, B-Dock parties run like a party planners dream. In addition to refreshments provided by a professional grade slushy machine and a professional grade margarita machine, we always have an abundance of outstanding appetizers and all of our party top stereos are in synch to the same radio station.

This past weekend for Fourth of July we took the B-Dock party to a cove in Fishing Creek. Covered in celebratory decorations, we tied up four houseboats and shared drinks, food, and music with friends for three days. Mornings would start out with a big breakfast to give us the strength needed to soak up beverages and swim in the sun all day. As the sun started to set over the horizon, we would all shift into evening mode, which is always the highlight of the day.

Like a wedding reception on the water, we had one front deck designated as the bar area, two front decks as the appetizer and food areas, and another deck for silverware, plates and condiments. In the background was our favorite music playing and friends mingling from boat to boat. As dusk turned to darkness, the parties would continue under the glow of rope lighting until every participant had their fill of food, drink, and laughter.

As all good things eventually come to an end, so did our holiday weekend. Although families and jobs called us back to our daily lives, as houseboaters we have peace knowing next weekend we get to do it all over again.

Houseboating brings together great friends, good food and drink, and great memories that will last a lifetime. Regardless of what lake, marina or dock you are on, we hope this article finds you on your boat with all of the above.

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