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September 2011 News Jayne Lunsford -
One Saturday afternoon last month found us at the Gangplank Tour of Boat Homes as I described in an earlier post along with 300 other people for the sold-out event.  I was looking for inspiration in ideas that other liveaboards had incorporated into their boats that I could incorporate into our own; but mostly, I was looking at people.  I thought the folks at Gangplank had an interesting idea in trying to educate others into their way of life, now I was curious about how it would be received.    Of the people who attended, you could see some folks just got it, and were thinking yeah, I could live like this.  You could see others just didn't get it at all, and couldn't imagine why anyone would want to live in such a small and seemingly precarious space. David and Paulette Craig came from Bowie just out of curiosity and fell into the former group.  I met them aboard the Sara K, a 1972 Trojan 34-foot houseboat owned by Kenneth Gill and Nadia Ezzelarab-Gill.  The Craigs commented that they were surprised that the Sara K was so bright and airy, expecting boats to be cramped and dark.  They joked that after the tour, they were ready to go home and start shopping.   But although I had come with expectations of people-watching the other attendees, the most fascinating story I heard that day was that of the hostess, Nadia, herself.  Ken was overseas during the tour, but we later had a wonderful email exchange.

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