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Published online: Nov 16, 2011 News
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As of 11/1/11, H2OChills, a company located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and designer and distributor of patent pending recreational flotation devices, launched its new suite of products into the market via its online sales channel: Obvious head-turners by appearance, the H2OChills water floats are ear benders by name: Water Bosom, Ball Sling, and 3-Ball Package.

With the two founders of the company, Brian Callahan and Dan McGinley, both sharing a lifelong love of the water-life, and both having had previous success in building start-up organizations, the two business partners sought to create, patent, and market a new water float product that was innovative in design, provided form fitting comfort, was of durable construction and material, and would allow occupants free range of motion in the water, as opposed to the float on the water  model provided by traditional water tubes and floats. The design process outcome was nothing short of spectacular.

Says McGinley, "The H2OChills brand water floats
are not only ridiculously comfortable, but they're also extremely versatile. Unlike traditional floats which restrict your movement and limit the positions in which you can use them, much like a Lazy Boy chair, the H2OChills water floats allow occupants any number of positions in which to relax in the water."

Though many water float designs have attempted to accomplish what H2OChills seems to have perfected, one of the industry shortcomings has been the inability to balance ease of set-up, with ease of use, maintenance, and storage or portability.The H2OChills designs have overcome all of these challenges. According to Callahan, "My family spends a great deal of our summer days on the family lake here in Wisconsin, as well as in our pool down in Hilton Head, South Carolina. In the past, the number of float products that we've had to pack away in the boathouse, boat,
and car top carrier has been a source of considerable frustration. And the numberof times that a foam tube float was lifted from one of our moving boats and into the water, I couldn't even tell you. The water floats market needed products like ours to decrease the hassle and clutter and increase the amount of time spent enjoying the water."

In addition to all of the functional benefits mentioned by the owners of the company, the product designs themselves are very intriguing, flipping traditional designs on their heads. Unlike other inflatables on the market, the H2OChills products are actually polyester/spandex skins, hand sewn in the U.S.. The skins themselves do not float, but each skin contains at least one pocket, which securely houses a PVC or rubber inflatable ball. The benefit? Unlike the constant patching and repair required of other inflatable float products, if an H2OChills ball float were to be punctured, all that's required is a replacement ball, conveniently found at just about any local big box retailer. Thinking like no other manufacturer of water float products, has produced a water float product like no other.

In addition to selling the H2OChills products online, Callahan and McGinley plan to market the products to water parks, boaters, pool and spa owners, and the outdoorrecreational industry at large via industry trade shows and consumer publications.

Information for purchasing, making inquiries, or finding out more information about the H2OChills brand water floats can be found at and, or to follow the company: and!/H2OChills.

About H2OChills:
H2OChills is an exciting company that makes the best products for fun, relaxing times in the water. For all those boaters, beach bums, beach bunnies, swimmers, sailors, surfers, and sand lovers, we offer innovative new products for recreational use in a wide-variety of water environments. Perfect for those hot days when you just want to chill in the water!

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