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Published in the January 2012 Issue Published online: Jan 19, 2012
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DestinationDestination Yachts sets itself apart from the others by building what the customer wants. The first boat built by Destination was a 14- by 45-foot model in 1998 and it was developed to be a high-end twin hull houseboat. For the first two to three years its specialty was 37- to 53-foot models, but as the manufacturer progressed its customers wanted more.

Because Destination customers aren't used to hearing no when it comes to doing something different, the Indiana-based builder has been able to raise its own bar to meet and exceed customer expectations. A number of years ago one of its customers pushed the company for a very high-end design, which led to its Signature series. This line was over the top with a clean line paint and updated railing system design that have become popular in the industry today. Through this time its standard boats became 55 to 65 feet in length and even a few 75-foot models as well.

Over the last two years Destination Yachts has developed a full hull that is like no other. Working with designers, this builder feels it now offers the safest full in the industry. This hull is also proving to be one of the fastest and most stable hulls on the market, which is why the builder has design protected it. Destination is also the company that brought the first ever hydrogen-powered boat to market.

2011 Recap

In the last year Destination Yachts has delivered a 20- by 100-foot houseboat, the world's first hydrogen-powered houseboat, yet still offers a 10- by 37-foot model, proving it's not about how big you can build them, but about the quality in the way they're built.

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