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MetroShipMetroShip is the result of re-designing the typical RV of the sea houseboat. Almost nine years ago, British-born designer (with previous design credits for Harley-Davidson, BMW, MetroSofa and MetroShed) David Ballinger set out to Kentucky and Tennessee to visit houseboat companies and see if his vision for an open floorplan houseboat could see the light of day. According to Ballinger, most manufacturers either wanted too much money to build it or just didn't understand the new direction of houseboats he wanted to create.

After several failed attempts, Ballinger met a builder in Georgia that shared his vision and the MetroShip went into full production in 2009. MetroShip is an open floorplan with a New York loft style that uses unique opaque aluminum grid panels to create a light and airy practical houseboat. The stunning high-end interior is more like a luxury city condo than a houseboat.

MetroShips are built with year-round living in mind and Ballinger lived on one on the Hudson River for two years to test the concept. Using tried and tested components, MetroShips can be built from 31 feet to 110 feet with aluminum, steel or fiberglass hulls, depending on the boat's destination.

2011 Recap:

The 31- by 8-foot trailerable houseboat is almost complete and the 51- by 12-foot custom two level houseboat is currently being built. This houseboat is merging super yacht finishes like stainless steel and teak into the MetroShip design.

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