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When it comes to safety, you just can't be too careful. The companies in the section have developed a unique product or system to help not only make our lives easier at times, but of course a lot safer as well.

Farley Bros

The TOWDSTER is an in-water towing device that was created in the mid 90's when a family of six needed a way to safely tow two personal watercrafts behind their boat. With the growing popularity of houseboats and personal watercraft, help make the TOWDSTER a very popular accessory.



Fireboy-Xintex is among the leaders in clean agent, fixed-mounted, automatic fire extinguishers for recreational boats and yachts. Protecting your large investment with automatic fire suppression systems just makes good sense. With a Fireboy installed in your engine room, your boat is always safe.



The Safety Turtle alarm system consists of locking Turtle wristbands and a base station operating on a wall plug or12-volt outlet. On immersion, the Turtle sends a radio signal to the base station, which instantly alarms. Safety Turtle enhances the security of young children, disabled adults and pets on the boat and at the dock.

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Zwisler Brothers


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