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SailabrationSailabration prides itself on offering houseboats that are everything the customer desires at an affordable price. While some houseboaters prefer lavish, others prefer practical. A custom Sailabration houseboat is beautiful to look at, easy to handle on the water, and lasts for years to come with minimal maintenance with boats that can range from 40 to over 90 feet in length. While Sailabrations are typically less expensive than most of the mono-hull style boats, these boats certainly don't fall short on detail and finish. This level of customization is among the best in the houseboat industry with a philosophy of coming up with solutions rather than obstacles to ideas that its customers have. The efficiency and handling characteristics of a Sailabration Houseboat are unmatched for boats of similar size.

2011 Recap:

Despite the weak economy, Sailabration has managed keep relatively busy. In addition to having at least one new boat under construction, Sailabration has brought in several boats for major upgrading and repairs.

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