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SkipperLinerSkipperLiner continues to be one of the industry leaders in terms of custom design and quality construction by offering a custom pleasure craft with a wide range of models such as houseboats, river yachts, motor yachts and super yachts. SkipperLiner is also among the leaders in the construction of passenger vessels that are certified by the United States Coast Guard to carry passengers for hire. The strict guidelines that SkipperLiner follows in terms of the USCG certified vessels add a tremendous benefit to a buyer of a SkipperLiner pleasure draft. The metal work, plumbing and electrical systems are higher in quality compared to some other manufacturers. This insures a longer life, higher resale value and increased comfort and usability by the owner.

SkipperLiner is the only builder that offers a fully metal framed hull. The main deck cabin sole is fastened direct to the metal hull framing versus wood frames found in some houseboats. The Wisconsin-based builder is seeing prospects that are interested in green construction processes and renewable forms of energy (fuel, wind, solar, etc.) as well as those interested in its deeper hull option. Some builders offer a 39-inch deep hull, but SkipperLiner builds up to 66-inch deep hulls. The deeper hulls provide incredible headroom below decks and its ability to offer increased deckhouse heights offers exceptional headroom in the main deck too.

2011 Recap

In 2011 SkipperLiner designed and built a 72- by 18-foot houseboat propelled with twin 300hp Cummins diesel engines with V-Drives. The unique feature was ZF Marine integrated its JMS (Joy Stick Maneuvering System) and new ZF AC bow thruster into this boat. This exciting technology provides a simple intuitive control system for operation and docking maneuvers. SkipperLiner was selected as the first houseboat to be fitted with this ZF technology.

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