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A large houseboat needs thrusters. It's just about that simple. It's no secret that many of these gargantuan vessels just can't park like a runabout. Indeed, houseboats need a little extra help around the dock-perhaps more than any other craft.

Bow and stern thrusters can make the difference. Depending on where the hydraulically or electronically-controlled thrusters are installed, the units move the boat laterally or sideways with the bow thrusters moving houseboats much like the front-wheel steering on an automobile.

American Bow Thruster


Docking Made Easy



As the leader in the houseboat thruster business, HydraNautics has been building in or bolting-on custom made hydraulic bow and stern thrusters for 20 plus years. Dick Gragert specializes in installing bow and stern thrusters on houseboats in your slip in one day.





Side-Power thrusters are the overwhelming choice among houseboat manufacturers, offering the largest range of thrusters available, including the latest proportional thrusters. Side-Power is supported by Imtra's 60 years of marine industry experience and its sales and support teams throughout North America.


Marinetech Systems Corp.

Navigator Division


Vetus-Den Ouden, Inc.




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