Party Crashers

We brought our towels and our costumes

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 15, 2012 Feature
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Last year we announced our new Houseboat magazine party contest where we ask houseboaters to send in stories of parties they're having on their dock. We were flooded with invites, but it was an invitation from Meredith Ray at Traidwinds Marina on Clarks Hill/Lake Thurman on the border of Georgia and South Carolina that caught our eye.

Ray invited us to crash their annual Halloween party that she helps host each fall. The Sunset Dock, C Dock and D Dock go all out on decorating their houseboat in fun, scary and outrageous Halloween decor. Then not to be out done by their decorated houseboats, they get their costumes on and have a progressive dinner as they go from dock to dock.

In our Fall issue of Houseboat we'll give you more photos and the whole story of our adventure as we recap the event. That being said, who's next?! That's right. We're doing it again this year: we want to crash your party. All you need to do is invite us. Please send us some information about your party with photos from previous years and tell us why your party is the one we need to crash. Send your invites to Chris Searle at Maybe we'll see you at your next houseboat party!

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