Skipperliner is in the process of building their 2013 Commander with hydrogen fuel and luxury ammeni

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La Crosse, WI -- April 26, 2012 -- It's a dream home on water, a green machine and a luxury liner all rolled into one! Meet the "2013 SkipperLiner Commander 650 SL," a modern, customized "Spec Yacht" currently being created by one of the oldest boat building companies in the country, SkipperLiner. With over 1,000 award-winning passenger vessels, custom yachts, houseboats and other boats produced since 1971, SkipperLiner's latest might just be the pinnacle of its 41-year production history.

 New among its many outstanding custom features is the "Green, Hydrogen-Supplemented Fuel System" that allows the boat to be more environmentally responsible. The system helps protect the environment by improving fuel economy and reducing harmful emissions while providing power to the 65-foot beauty with Twin 260 hp/5.0 liter V-8 MPI Mercruiser engines and Bravo II stern drives.

 After that, it's all icing on the cake, since the boat's elegant exterior lines -- complete with the company's trademark durable steel hulls that last 40-50 years and beyond -- and its well-appointed interiors, have been specially selected by SkipperLiner's award-winning design team.

The Commander 650 "Redefines Boating"

 "The 2013 SkipperLiner Commander 650 SL redefines boating performance and the boating experience," says Jeb Griffith, the highly successful southern Minnesota Entrepreneur, who rescued the company from bankruptcy at the height of the financial crisis. Griffith should know. Prior to acquiring the storied boat works, he previously owned 7 SkipperLiner vessels that he used vigorously on the Mississippi River and along the Gulf Coast of Florida!

 "Who is the Commander being built for?" asks Griffith rhetorically. "It's an ideal second home for a retiring and adventurous executive who loves boating, and it would make a perfect family pleasure vessel in any climate or along any waterway except deep ocean faring. We know from a recent review of our customers over time that among SkipperLiner Leisure and Commercial vessel owners, they are often wealthy and educated retirement-age males 55-plus that make up the expansive Baby Boomer age group. Maybe the owner of this state-of-art craft is out there in that demographic. Whoever steps up to claim the Commander is going to get a piece of boating history!

About SkipperLiner

SkipperLiner is the county's largest manufacturer of yachts, houseboats and passenger vessels in the United States, anchored on the banks of the Mississippi, in the largest yacht building and marine supplier state in the country, Wisconsin. It is also one of the only passenger vessel builders in the U.S. to manufacture the entire vessel, from fabrication to paint coating to final assembly, indoors. Its climate-controlled facility delivers efficient labor, tight quality control and timely delivery. The Mississippi River out its back door provides worldwide access to SkipperLiner, a key service feature.

 · SkipperLiner remains the largest builder of 149 passenger dinner cruise vessels in the United States, and the recipient of over 30 awards for design innovation since 1984.

· Its houseboats are renowned for their classic style, attention to detail and durable steel or aluminum hulls. That's why they hold their lasting value for such a long time. In fact, most SkipperLiner owners enjoy their boats for 10 years or more.

· Its Design Studio portfolio features hundreds of different passenger vessel designs, all guaranteed for safety and approved by the United States Coast Guard.

· Although especially popular in the waters of the West, SkipperLiners can be found throughout the yachting world. No matter the waterway, just about every owner has the same story about their SkipperLiner: beautiful, safe and built to last!

For more information -- or to interview Jeb Griffith about the 2013 SkipperLiner Commander 650 SL, or the SkipperLiner story -- please contact Martin Keller, 612-720-8585,

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