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Hardtops are designed to replace or go hand in hand with canopy tops. They can also go on top of a boat when nothing is in place at all. The hard top is a structure that gives an added deck to your boat and has many benefits. It still gives you shade like a canopy top would however, you don't have to replace expensive canvas that rots, tears and fades over time. Unlike the canopy top you can walk on a hard top and have an added sun deck. You gain extra square footage and increase the value of your boat. Whether you are at the marina or out on the lake, sitting high above everything on a lounge chair enjoying the view is quite a noticeable difference. 

Donn not only knows how to work on your boat he has lived and is still living your experience at Lake Powell. He truly understands your needs and what it takes to have a great vacation. The entire crew at Donn's Boat Shop is committed to providing you with the best possible service, state of the art equipment, and latest technology. We are constantly attending schools to keep up with the constant changing new technology to serve you better.
Donn also has an engineering background, is a master technician, welder (aluminum, steel, & stainless), coast guard captain, river guide, and a solar installer.

Don does more than Hard Tops for your boat. To learn more visit www.donnsboatshop.com or call him at 928-645-0313.

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