The Latest With Pluckebaum Custom Boats

Published online: Jun 13, 2012 Feature
Pluckebaum Custom Boats Inc. currently have been working on customer's boats for repairs and upgrades. The most current boat they have done work on navigated from Pittsburgh, Pa. to Ky. via the Ohio River. In this circumstance the owner will travel 150 miles a day on water to make it to Kentucky which takes about five to six days. When the boat is ready the owner will come down to Ky. to pick it up and get back in the water to head back to Pittsburgh. Teresa said they have a few customers in Pittsburgh and Ohio that will periodically bring their boats to their facility to get any service done. Teresa reports the latest interest of customers have shown interest in the Commercial Excursion vessel.

Pluckebaum is a Kentucky-based manufacturer that was started in 1932 by two brothers. Over the years Pluckebaum has produced over 600 plus custom-built boats for owner's specifications.