Terri and Rick Langdon

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Published online: Aug 07, 2013
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Terri and Rick bought their first houseboat in 2006 and used it for 6 months. They first started houseboating five years before that with a 10 x 30 and their current boat they bought in 2009. Total, they have been houseboating for more than ten years.

They enjoy being on the water most of all, going to their many coves on Pine Flat Lake, and relaxing and having fun with friends and family. "You can't beat the evenings when most of the skiers and tubers have all gone in for the day, the stillness of the water is quite a picture, Terri explains.

Their boat is a 14 x 59 Fun Country houseboat that they purchased from Cottonwood Cove in Nevada. Many modifications were made to give it their personal touch. With Rick's construction/engineering knowledge and attention to detail, he designed and built the canopy and rear swim step with the help of a welder. They also installed a solar system on the boat to take care of all their power needs while on the boat. After they installed their new stereo system they had pretty much remodeled 90% of the boat's interior. It started with wood floors to carpet in bedrooms, to light fixtures.. They also installed custom alder cabinets and granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. 

The Langdon's never did name their boat. It is yet to be determined. After their visit to Lake Cumberland, there were many names we liked, but nothing seemed to fit just right. "I am sure we will come up with something soon," mentions Terri.

The dock at Pine Flat Lake Marina is located about 20 miles east of Fresno, owned and run by the Brockman family. "It a great place to keep a houseboat like ours.. We normally leave the dock as often as we can and will usually pull our Magic Deck boat  out to the coves along with us to make daily runs back to the marina for ice and things like that, Rick comments. The marina is almost exactly one hour away from their house, which makes it pretty convenient to go back and forth. Many times they will run up after work during the week to do little projects on the boat to get it ready for the weekend.

Terri and Rick houseboat with their good friends, the Wilkinsons. They too have a houseboat in which they will typically tie up next to each other and start experimenting with different types of drinks throughout the weekend and mostly discuss what they can do next to each of their houseboats.

Rick and Terri try to go to the lake every weekend from early spring until late fall. The only time they are not there is when they have other commitments that don't allow them to go up to the lake. "We also spend many weekends during the winter on the houseboat. Our dog Emerson loves houseboating just as much as we do and has only missed one night with us," says Rick.







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