September 2012 Product

PORTOPONG LLC, based in Connecticut, has invented the PORTOPONG, an inflatable, portable "tabletop" that will revolutionize the way beer-loving partygoers play "beer pong" - a popular drinking game that, until now, required a bulky tabletop with table legs.


Measuring 72" x 36" x 4" and constructed of durable vinyl, PORTOPONG serves as a portable base on which beer pong or similar games can be played.  When the party gets started, PORTOPONG can be quickly inflated and ready for action in minutes.  And just as impressive, it can be deflated and stored conveniently once the party ends, unlike big bulk table systems. No more will players have to lug around and set up a traditional tabletop/table legs. 


Because PORTOPONG is portable (complete with cup holders in rack formation) the limits as to where partygoers can play beer pong are endless. For example, the buoyant PORTOPONG excels in the water.  So, partiers using the PORTOPONG have the option of playing beer pong while lounging in a pool (in a backyard, at a hotel, at Spring Break, etc.)  Plus, with grommets at each corner, PORTOPONG can be tied up to almost anything - stakes, trees, poles, a ceiling, etc.  Also, PORTOPONG can simply be inflated and placed on top of any supportive base. The possibilities for spontaneous, spirited partying are endless.

Visit portopong.com to see some awesome pictures and for more information.

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