Old Boat

Houseboat overhaul

Published online: Nov 08, 2012 Feature

I would share a brief story of a man's love for his wife. You see, my husband Martin has never owned a houseboat before and I had spent a brief time aboard one and always loved it. Well he purchased an older Lazy Days 1989 widebody and when we purchased it the boat had five inches of water in her hull. We moved her out of brackish water in Florida to Aqualand Marina in Georgia. We then completely overhauled her and transformed her into an amazing vessel.

My husband's relentless pursuit took one year to complete, giving every spare minute of the year into making her beautiful as he rebuilt her back into original form. We have people every weekend who ask for a tour and we take great pride in taking her out to cruise the water. We did almost all the work ourselves including, but not limited to, new plumbing lines, all electrical work, HVAC duct work with units as well as the windows.

My husband has never put in a headliner, yet he did it so perfectly. There is no place I'd rather be and his love for me to attempt something he knew nothing about-well, let's just say I'm very lucky.