HB TESTED: Concrobium Mold Treatment

Published in the May 2013 Issue Published online: May 10, 2013 Product

ConcrobiumOver time, exposure to water introduces all sorts of microbial and fungal dangers to everything from upholstery to foundations. With Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser and House & Deck Wash, the fear of dangerous molds and unsightly stains are no longer a problem. Houseboat magazine tested both products and experienced fantastic results.

“The eraser worked great on the little areas where mold was just starting to form,” says staff writer Roy Sparks. “And the House & Deck was ideal for larger areas like the top deck.”

Concrobium’s power, non-toxic, bleach-free solution works quickly to clean and sanitize deck surfaces, walls and even tile grout. Concrobium is safe to use around plants and pets and renews surfaces with a simple spray. (www.concrobium.com)