Published in the May 2013 Issue Published online: May 06, 2013
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Pesky bugs can turn any day onboard into a mosquito feeding frenzy. DEET is dangerous and bug sprays stink and make skin sticky. With ThermaCELL Outdoor Insect-Repellent Lantern, bugs are kept away by the unassuming soft glow of an LED lamp.

The lantern has a 98 percent efficiency and covers a 15-foot radius, providing long-lasting freedom from buzzing bugs and a gentle light to brighten up the night. A butane cartridge powers the mosquito repellent for up to 12 hours and being DEET- and odor-free, one could forget there were ever any bugs to begin with.

ThermaCELL Outdoor Insect-Repellent Lantern retails at $31.99 and can keep every outdoor experience comfortable and pest-free. (

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