Gallatin Marina

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Gallatin Marina

Old Hickory Lake, Tenn.

Bordering five different counties in north-central Tennessee, Old Hickory Lake can be found nestled only a short drive upstream from Nashville. Covering over 22,000 acres, Old Hickory gives guests an opportunity to experience the beauty and serenity that was once found across the Midwest. For houseboaters looking for a great opportunity to stay on the lake, looking into a slip at Gallatin Marina is the best place to start. Slip leasing is done monthly and can accommodate houseboats up to 90 feet long. Rates are based on the size of the slip and range from $425 a month for a 50-foot slip to $780 a month for a 90-foot one. If you find yourself needing to fill up, Gallatin has a gas dock available on site. If the day of play has you a little hungry, take a break and grab some grub over at the Awedaddys restaurant. Whatever your need is, Gallatin will have you covered.

Visitors will find there are an almost unlimited number of activities to get involved with at Old Hickory Lake. Even if you decide to step ashore and explore, making your way to Nashville and absorbing all of the illustrious history and sites is nothing more than a simple drive down the road. While there, visitors can get the warm welcome of southern hospitality, and if some good old fashioned rock and roll is on the menu, take a short journey over to Graceland and take a moment to visit the home of the king himself, Elvis Presley. Whether you're looking to absorb the history of Tennessee or some soul-soothing rays aboard your houseboat, Old Hickory Lake is a great place to be.


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