Seven Points Marina

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Seven Points Marina

Raystown Lake, Pa.

Completed in 1973, Raystown Lake stretches over 8,000 acres and offers visitors a large range of activities from scuba diving to fishing. At a glance, Raystown Lake looks as if it were a natural wonder of the world. Beautiful trees line the edge of the lake and give people the feeling that they've entered their own secret haven. For the houseboater looking for an exquisite spot to get away from the hustle of the daily world, Seven Points Marina offers the perfect experience. Coveted for its perfect location, Seven Points gives houseboaters an experience second to none. The marina offers those with a houseboat a spot to rest in one of its 946 boat slips, but be sure to reserve ahead of time; the marina is frequently hosting at full capacity and reservations are limited.

If docking your own boat is out of the question, don't worry, Seven Points offers guests a houseboat fleet consisting of 19 boats, ranging from 40 to 60 feet. The marina also gives vacationers an opportunity to get pre- and post-rental discounts and rent their boats from a Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday rental period and prices range from $662-$3,300 per rental period and depending on which boat is selected. While on the water, be sure to visit one of its ship stores and restaurant, which are both located at the marina and offer guests any amenity or necessity needed for a perfect week on the lake. A gas dock and pump-out facility are also available on site and will be sure to keep your houseboat powering across the beautiful expanse that is Raystown Lake.


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