We Found You!

We Found You!

Published online: Dec 11, 2013 Brady L. Kay
Web Exclusive

I'm going to go out on a limb here and boldly predict that this electronic email thing is going to catch on. In fact, we're so confident at Houseboat magazine that we're kicking off our monthly newsletter as another way to reach those who truly love and appreciate the unique lifestyle that only houseboating can offer.

For a lot of you, our January/February Buyer's Guide is just starting to reach your mailboxes. This issue kicks off our 24th year as a publication that is firmly dedicated to our industry. Wow, has it really been that long?!

A lot has changed during our tenure as the only magazine that specifically targets houseboats as these beautiful creations just keep getting bigger and better as technology and building techniques improve. Besides biographies and updates on the top builders, this issue also includes some great articles to get you excited about the upcoming year. We had to work a little overtime to pack in all the information, so we hope you enjoy reading this issue.

As for the regular newsletter, we want to give you a little something extra each month. Even though a lot of us are forced into "houseboat hibernation" this time of year, houseboating doesn't need to just be about the warmer summer months. I find myself clicking through photo files this time of year just to keep from getting cabin fever. Just a glimpse of a kid going down a slide can put a smile on my face and remind me those days will soon be here again.

So keep an eye out for our newsletter that will be showing up in your inboxes about this same time each month. We'll mix it up a little each month with different topics or features as we do our part to keep houseboating going strong all year long.

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