Double Punch Odors

Published online: Dec 10, 2013 Brady L. Kay

Ensuring comfort and enjoyment for everyone onboard includes banishing disagreeable odors from houseboat toilets, waste treatment systems and holding tanks. The new K.O.2 Knock Out Odors Kit from Raritan both prevents and eliminates unwelcome scents by attacking them at the source.


Far more than an ordinary cleaner or mere odor cover up, the K.O.2 kit consists of a 22-ounce bottle of C.P., or Cleans Potties, and a 22-ounce bottle of K.O., Kills Odors. With every flush, C.P. releases bio-enzymes to rid toilets of the bacteria found in outside water sources, a common source of unpleasant rotten egg smells. It also helps speed the breakdown of raw sewage and lubricates moving parts. C.P.'s stain reduction properties ensure fast clean up and a continually fresh bowl.


The K.O. treatment contains micro-organisms that reduce solid waste and instantly neutralize odor-causing bacteria inside holding tanks. Unlike harsh chemical toilet cleaners, both K.O.2 formulas are 100 percent biodegradable and contain no toxins, pollutants or caustic ingredients.


Also included in the kit are a gallon dispenser, hardware and instructions. Both C.P. and K.O. can be purchased separately as refill products. K.O.2 retails for $135.