Walking The Expo In Comfort

Published online: Jan 08, 2014 Industry Brady L. Kay
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If you look up Alegria in a dictionary you'll discover it means happiness. Dig a little deeper and you'll realize it's also a new line of footwear created by PG Lite, a California-based company.

At our Houseboat Expo this year I took a big risk by choosing this weekend to test to see if these Alegria shoes were as comfortable as advertised. I've never tried to estimate how many miles our staff walks during the three-day event, but those in attendance will vouch that I was on my feet a lot as I walked the docks on a regular basis taking photos.

Alegria's slip-on ergonomic construction suits the relaxed boating lifestyle and the heavenly padded interlocking footbed on the Alex Cafe/Orange Nubuck shoes I wore during the Expo really felt like I was walking on clouds. I can honestly say these are extremely comfortable shoes.

And the best part is the more you wear them, the better they form to your feet. Made with leather in a variety of bright, up-beat designs, the men's line provides all-day comfort and style in one. 

Prices range from $129.95 to $139.95, which may be higher than what you're used to paying for a boat shoe. But the added comfort is worth it, plus the extra support will have you wearing these shoes more than just on your trips to the lake. I was glad I was wearing these Alegria shoes this year which made the Expo that much better.

And for those looking for a great gift idea with the holiday season just around the corner, these Alegria shoes would be perfect for the captain in your life. (www.alegriashoes.com)

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