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The best part about being on the houseboat is being on the water. Kwik Tek makes your time there even more enjoyable with their lineup up towables and other water toys. 


Introducing the new SS SUP. SS stands for "Super Stable", and that's just what this very special inflatable SUP is. Beginners, intermediates and larger riders love the SS's unparalleled stability. Experts, especially extreme white water paddlers, appreciate the stiffness, lower standing area, tapered rails and aggressive nose for punching through waves.  


The new 4 rider Airhead SWITCHBACK provides a totally different sensation riding in front or back, so it's like 2 tubes in 1, consequently the name SWITCHBACK! The Airhead TRANSFORMER 4 is 4 tubes in 1! It's a comfortable 4 rider round "sit in" towable, a 2 rider deck style towable, a 3 rider deck style towable and a great "over the transom" lounge! You've ridden classic "banana" inflatables at beach resorts, having the time of your life; now it's time to actually own a commercial grade Airhead BIG DOG 5 or BIG DOG 6! Sportsstuff MASTER BLASTER 3 rider towable is just as exciting as its awe inspiring shape! Hop on and you'll feel like you're rocketing to the moon! BRAINWASH is the first ever Sportsstuff kit that includes everything you'll need for tubing. Featuring a 12volt pump and 1 rider tow rope with caddy you're ready to go.


Sportsstuff SPILLWAY Pontoon Slide is constructed of heavy duty UV treated 1,000 denier polyester reinforced PVC to provide years of fun for the kiddos! Attaches to all standard pontoon boats in minutes. There's always a party in the pool or lake with CANTINA LOUNGE! It features comfortable cool mesh seating with great back support for 1 to 4 people. Four molded cup holders keep drinks close at hand and the recessed area in the center is a great cooler or storage for sundries. The new Sportsstuff COOLER CADDY, allows your cooler and its contents to accompany you into a pool, lake or river. No need to go on land to get a cold drink! Four cup holders keep drinks handy and tether points allow tying it to your dock, boat, or shore.


This molded fiberglass board is perfect for beginners, intermediates, smaller wakes and bigger people. Featuring three removable fiberglass rear fins and one front fin allows riders to tune the board to their style. The EVA pad with molded kicktail provides plenty of grip, control and balance.


You'll have double the fun soaking your friends with AQUA ZOOKA DOUBLE SHOT! Simply dip it into the water and pull back on the handle to siphon water up into both barrels. You're ready to fire; the double stream has a range of up to 60 feet! Equipped with a comfortable EVA handle that ensures it will float.

 Visit www.sportsstuff.com to pick one up today. 

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