A Refuge Like No Other

Stardust family discovers the ultimate get away

Published online: Feb 12, 2014 Gini McKain
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It wasn’t really an ultimatum, only a strong suggestion from his wife, Johna Orr, to her busy and almost workaholic type husband, Jason, who has a thriving Nissan dealership in Searcy, Ark. The young married couple of a dozen years have finally found the ideal refuge to the stress and problems of today’s work-all-day world with cell phones, emails, and business that is hard to get away from, even at their home.

Johna’s suggestion was after buying a houseboat about a year earlier on a whim, and not really researching the situation, that her husband should have a custom houseboat built that he really wanted, with all the amenities that both of them would use and enjoy for a long time. That answer recently materialized with a custom 2013 Stardust houseboat that is 18 by 88 feet long. Their sleek and elegant home on the waters of DeGray Lake in Arkansas is docked at the Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina.

That decision came after much renovation on the first boat, while realizing how much they loved the houseboating way of life. It was a way to get away from it all, and provided a real refuge and escape for Jason that he didn’t realize he could ever have. Jason could finally leave work behind and enjoy the respite he so badly needed to recharge his own batteries, while enjoying relationships that so seldom materialize in emails and short texts.

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